How Much Bond Can You Expect To Pay?

In our justice system we have a floating scale of punishments and requirements for these punishments when we commit a crime.  With this understanding, it is always better not to commit a crime since you might get away with it for a short period of time, but detectives, officers and investigators are always on the hunt to get justice. 

If you are found to have enough evidence against you for the commission of a crime, you will be arrested and then taken to stand before a judge to determine the next steps before your trial.  This is known as a bond hearing and at the end you will be given some type of bond requiring the services of bailbonds Vista professionals.

If you are given a bond, you can either pay it in full and get out of jail, or if the bond is too high, you can pay ten percent to a bond company like Acme Bail Bonds to take on the responsibility of you returning to court for your trial.

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How much will you pay in bond?

You will pay a specific amount on a few specific criteria.  The first is the severity of the crime. If you are found to have committed a violent crime then you will be required to pay a higher bond amount.  If you are charged with a lesser crime such as shoplifting, you will be given a lesser bond.

These bonds are set by the courts and need to be fulfilled in order to be released from jail.  If you are released from jail you will be required to return for your trial.  If you fail to return for your trial, then the judge will issue a bench warrant which means that bounty hunters and other law enforcement officers will be looking for you.